Acceptable Glass Imperfections

Imperfections in Glass
First, we must always remember glass is not designed for looking at it is for looking through. The glass used to manufacture double or triple-glazed units is the same as that used for single-glazed windows.


The unit must be viewed at 90 degrees to the surface of the unit from inside the room. The standing distance from the unit should be not less than 2 meters for normal units and 3 meters for toughened, laminated or any coated glass. This viewing has to take place in natural daylight and not in direct sunlight. The viewing area is referred to as the normal vision area, which is the area away from the frames.

Acceptable Glass Imperfections in the Industry

Acceptable Glass Imperfections in the Industry.
In all glazed units, bubbles or blisters, hairlines or blobs, fine scratches, and minute embedded particles shall be deemed acceptable. if they can’t be seen from the required distance of two meters or three meters by looking through the glass and not at it.


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acceptable glass Imperfections