Bay Windows

Bay Windows are a great feature to any room in your home. Contact Weatherglaze Designs for advice on the cost and style to suit your home. The configuration of these types of windows varies. The most common type is the three part bay and these can be seen in most modern homes. It has a flat window to the front and two return windows, usually at an angle of 135 degrees. The next most popular window is the box bay window, this comprises of a flat window to the front and the return windows on either sides are at 90 degrees. Ay bay window can have up to 10 section joined together to form a curve. They are jined together by using a connector pole often referred to as a bay pole.

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Custom Bay Windows

Windows that are ordered as bespoke items are custom made for the individual building a new home. They are designed by architects to compliment the structure and to gain more space. A very popular part of the house they will be used in, is the sunroom. The make a great feature in a Victorian sunroom, a place to locate the piano or office table. The material used to create the window can be wood, metal and uPVC. If you are looking for a good insulated window then we recommend you consider uPVC. The reason for this is the uPVC is a non conductor and it will provide you with perfect insulation.
bay windows

Colours For Bay Windows

The most popular colour in replacement windows is white, mainly due to the fact they are very cost effective. Next in line is the Rosewood colour, a little bit more expensive, but looks rich and easier to keep clean, especially if you live on a bus route. There are a raft of colours available today and if you want a custom colour, all you have to do is provide the RAL colour code but it may be subject to a premium price.

bay windows

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