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To get the best deals on windows and doors you must be informed. In Ireland today, there are very few companies manufacturing windows and doors. Take Composite Doors for example there are a handful of companies manufacturing this product. The Palladio Door is manufactured by Profile Developments in Limerick. This is  a professional company, and one that we have been dealing with for decades. So look at it like this, all Palladio doors are of the same quality, so why then is there such a variance in prices ? The answer has got to do with the companies overheads.

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Best Deals Information

Are you paying for product which will benefit you OR are you paying for the companies overheads such as the following;

  • Large Showrooms
  • Excessive Sales Commissions & Bonuses

What Do You Really Want ?

I would suggest that most homeowners are looking for good quality at a fair price. You don’t want to feel you’ve overpaid – do you? We have been in the home improvement industry for decades and have thousands of installations in the city and nationwide. We save homeowners 1000.00’s of euros in replacement windows costs.

How can we safe you money? Simple, we purchase the best windows at the best possible price, pay no sales commissions, only a flat rate. We have small offices and reduced all overheads, so both the customer and company benefits. Everyone is a winner. All the windows sold and installed by Weatherglaze Designs and associated companies are available in double and triple glazed systems. In vulnerable areas of the home we install laminated safety glass. This will offer you greater security and peace of mind. Your home deserves the best and you don’t have to throw away your hard earned money anymore. [/expand]

best deals
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