Porch Designs

Porch designs to suit many of the homes in Ireland. If porches are designed correctly the will provide security and insulation for the homeowner. Buying a new porch for your home. Porches are a great addition to the aesthetic of your home. They could add interest and style to uninteresting and simple homes. If you’re looking for approaches to enhance your home exterior, porches could be the perfect option. Other than serving as important support to structures, porches likewise play a significant role on the visual appeal of your home. Listed below are some of the most usual types of porches you can pick from.

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Glass Porch Designs

Glass porches are also stylish and efficient. They have got a one of a kind look and feel and impact-resistant features. Glass is resistant to climate conditions and pests, making them tougher compared with wood. Since they are tough and durable, they go efficiently in places susceptible to high traffic. Such porches can also be very easy to maintain and you may paint the frames for more design and protection.

Brick Porches
A brick porch made with brick and concrete is the common type of porch homeowners look at when they want to build a porch onto their homes. The typical design is a rounded one with the concrete forming the underlying base for the structure. You first have to excavate the area in which you intend to build the porch and pour a layer of crushed rock into the excavated space. 

Sliding Porches
The best of the sliding porches today combine the prime of technology and it is so easy to use. You can definitely do something about the cracking and bumping sliding glass door in your homes. The way a glass door works can be likened to a train. Small wheels that attached at the under-surface of the board are primarily made to ride along the brink above the threshold. The path is made of aluminum, vinyl or stainless metal. To un-attach, the door, slide it to the center of the opening and pull up and outward from the base.

Some Porch Designs Tips

If you want to buy a porch for your home, there are some tips that you may need to consider:

-First, the new porch should compliment the existing home. Getting this part right is the most important part of the designer’s job. Do this right and you could easily gain more value to a home than the cost of the Porch itself.

-The size of the porch shouldn’t be too big as to dominate the front of the house or project forward of the bay.
When considering the Porch roof, take a look at your home’s style, roof and age. If you have large gabled two-story bay windows, a pitched roof will look far better than a flat roof.

-Flat Porch roofs are better placed on flat fronted homes where the roofs run flat and straight across the front of your home. It might seem straight forward but start looking around and you’ll see homes with pitched roofs and bay windows with flat roof Porches extending fully along to the bay – Most feel that this detracts from the house’s potential.

-If you have protruding bay windows, never look to extend it to form an enclosed Porch. There are other more appealing designs to go for regardless of the shape of your bay. You’ll be looking to bring appeal to your home and that of the neighbourhood.

-The materials used to build the Porch should depend on the existing house. Porches can come fully glazed using brickwork, timber or glass.
Whatever size or style of porch you decide to add on to your home, it should fit your budget and your taste. This additional square footage added to your home will also increase the value of your home as you are adding an extra room to enjoy.

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