Rathfarnham is one of the oldest suburb located to the south of Dublin city. It is situated in the postal districts of Dublin to the south of Terenure and the east of Templeogue. The suburb is under the administration of the county council of south Dublin. It has a vast area that covers places like Nutgrove, Ballyboden, Ballyroan and Whitechurch.

Rathfarnham Suburbs

Rathfarnham is one of the suburbs with excellent historical sites which include, Mount Venus, Tibradden, Taylors Grange, and Kilmashogue. Besides the historical sites, it has conspicuous historical building like the Rathfarnham Castle and Loreto Abbey. Marley, Dodder is among the four beautiful parks that are found in this town. These beautiful sceneries attracts tourists and if the administration of this suburb can do something about it, the wealth of this area can increase which can lead to rise in population.

Rathfarnham Population

The population of this suburb is an area of great concern since it is decreasing over the years. This is an overwhelming result knowing that they are rich in natural resources. The population is about seventeen thousand today [17,000] which is a significant drop from seventeen thousand and seven hundred [17,700] in the year 2002 when census was carried out. This is due to increased aging people since young people are moving to other neighboring towns like Tallaght and Templeogue due to lack of enough good houses in the area. This drop in population is a worrying factor meaning that some years to come the population of this area will decrease by half.

Replacement Windows Rathfarnham

Would you like to purchase or rent a beautiful comfy home for your family? Rathfarnham Dublin Ireland is the place to buy. Although there aren’t so much of house development of late, Rathfarnham has attractive homes. They range from two bedrooms to several bed semidetached houses.

Their unique designs are adorable and eye catching to many who come to visit the area. They are spacious and have excellent design both the interior and the exterior. The replacement windows in Rathfarnham homes adds to the conservation of energy and added security.
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The fresh air flowing across them makes you feel like living in the house forever without moving out. They differ in sizes, cost, and design giving you a wide range of choices when purchasing. The cost of homes for sale is affordable and due to the decreasing population rate the prices may also go down as well. Rathfarnham is the place to invest and live happily with your family for the rest of your life.

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