Window Repairs

When carrying out window repairs try and use  professionals at all times. Windows are one of the most important components of your home layout. Windows if maintained well, serve a number of needs and also make sure the home interiors are kept the way they are supposed to be.

In this context, it is important to know what kind of windows actually contribute towards the end goal of keeping the home fresh and ventilated all the time. PVC windows in general are the most preferred as they are easy to install and easy to maintain.   But, this does not take away from the fact that PVC window repairs don’t surface.

Double Glazed Windows

There can be a couple of scenarios where you would need to use PVC window service repairs. Someone could break into your home and damage the windows, the windows might need an annual upgrade or something as small as a crack or leak could lead to a major repair.

This is when you should trust the service of professional PVC window service and repairs providers such as Weatherglaze 2000 as they are experts in assessing the damage and in making suggestions accordingly.

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Broken Down Units

window repairsThis is the most common call out for many homeowners as it mostly relates to double glazing that was installed in aluminium frames many years ago. These units that had a life span of 20 to 30 years are now being upgraded or totally replaced. The reason some of these double glazed units are fogged up, is that the seals have broken and allowed the air inside, thus creating a foggy effect which can only be remedied by installing a new double glazed unit. Our service and repairs division will take care of this for you.

Double Glazed Window Repairs

The double glazing that’s available today comes in units that vary in overall sizes from 12mm to 42mm. These comprise of two sheets of 4mm Low-e glass separated by a spacer bar, filled with silica gel. The silica gel acts absorbs any moisture within the new unit and creates a dry air effect internally.

Double glazed windows are another kind of windows that find use in many homes and serve special purposes in extreme weather conditions. In some places as there are frequent changes in the weather, the windows installed may not stand the test of time. It is very likely that such homeowners will experience frequent double-glazing repairs. Now, this is requires a special kind of service repairs person to fix the problem.

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As double-glazing window repairs require careful assessment of the damage and a sound advice as to repair or replacement, a well established repair company with good experience should be able to give you the right estimate. Both PVC window service and repairs  depend on the skill and the knowledge of the worker involved in finding a solution. With years of experience in the domestic and commercial market Weatherglaze Designs will give you expert advice and a competitive quote for service and repairs

 Window Lock Service Repairs

There are many locks on the market today and our service engineer will advise you of the best lock to secure your home and satisfy your needs and budget.

Door Repairs

The most common problem with doors is related to wheels and locking systems, which have failed due to wear and tear, or as a result of an unwanted intrusion. We have access to all the modern locking systems on the market, and will advise you of prices and brands.

Insurance Claims

If you need an insurance estimate for any damaged items covered by your insurance, such as items damaged due to a break in.