Double Glazed Replacement Windows

General Information about double glazed replacement windows. Replacement windows have become a very attractive choice among homeowners due to their low cost and large number of benefits. If you are in the market for new windows, you should know that uPVC windows increases the value of your home and also makes it more energy efficient.

Replacement windows cost less compared to other types of windows and provide the same level of efficiency. They are built to fit into the original window opening. However, there are different types of installation methods used to install windows.

PVC Double Glazed Replacement Windows

There are two types of PVC replacement windows, the vinyl ones and the Cellular PVC ones. The first use components made out of PVC or polyvinyl chloride . The second include polyvinyl chloride but are made using a different process that increases the overall durability of the window.

uPVC windows are stronger and more solid than vinyl ones. They offer unparalleled advantages in areas like energy efficiency and can be made to look like wood.  Another advantage of these windows is that they can be made to match any color specification. PVC or Cellular PVC windows require minimum maintenance and are extremely durable throughout their life circle.

Double Glazed Replacement Windows

Double glazed replacement windows feature two layers of glass with a specific gas layer between them to ensure good insulation. One of the most common advantages of these PVC windows is that the airtight construction ensures tremendous amount of energy savings by creating thermal insulation.
double glazed replacement windows
Also these windows are excellent for blocking moisture during the winter. Sound isolation is another added benefit that these windows offer along with increased safety. Due to their double glass construction they are more difficult to breach. Last but not least, another benefit is that double glazed windows can help your furniture to maintain their good condition because their double window structure reduces the amount of sunlight that passes through the window.

Triple Glazed Replacement Windows

Triple glazed pvc windows are structured just like double glazed windows with the difference of providing an additional layer of glass. This type of windows is even more energy efficient that the double glazed one and offer excellent noise isolation benefits.Also, these windows offer even greater security that the double glazed ones, due to their three glass structure that makes them even more solid thus more difficult to open or break.

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