Newbridge is in the heart of County Kildare. Home to the famous Newbridge Silver outlet and the gateway to the Curragh. Over the last few decades, it has become one of the more prosperous towns in the County. Because of this prosperity, the town has grown extensively. It boasts many new shops and restaurants and also many new housing estates. These were built when regulation was not at its strongest, hence many suffer from a lack of insulation and poor security.

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Replacement Windows

The time has come for many homeowners to upgrade their windows and doors. The most common for lots of homes are total replacement windows. At Weatherglaze Designs 2000, we can assist you greatly with this project. After forty years in the industry, we know a lot about this subject. Contact us now for advice and information on currently available windows.

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Replacement Doors

Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great door. Currently, we have a select range of Palladio Doors available from Composite Door Systems, starting from €1599.00. The Composite Door is ideal for and suited for front and back doors in Newbridge and surrounding areas. The locking system boasts a ten-point lock and is a burglar’s nightmare. The glazed units are triple-glazed and also toughened.


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Custom-made windows for homes in Kildare

Newbridge French Doors

If you want to change the aspect of the back of your home, consider a French Door. They can be manufactured as a single unit or with side windows. The windows on the sides can have opening vents, which will provide adequate ventilation all year round. To enhance security it is best to purchase the hook bolt locking system and make sure that the system is internally glazed. The glazed units can be either double or triple-glazed and toughened. So, contact us now for your affordable quote.

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Georgian Feature on Windows.

There are many styles of windows designed for homes, and Georgian is one of them. This is a style that can be seen in older homes and can be very stylish if designed correctly. At Weatherglaze we have been installing these windows for decades.