Cleaning uPVC Window Frames

Cleaning uPVC Window Frames can be easy if you do it a few times a year.You decided to shift from wooden windows to uPVC windows owing to the numerous benefits they provide. One of those benefits is the minimal maintenance required. You prefer them because you get to save on cash that you would have paid repairmen to maintain them. Furthermore, you never have to worry about the general look of your home because uPVC is resistant to flaking and corrosion. However, one thing you should keep in mind is you can never escape the need for cleaning uPVC window frames., Regular cleaning will ensure that they always look new and sparkly.

Tips On Cleaning uPVC Window Frames

Before you do anything, you will probably need to remove the dirt that builds on various places of the window after some time. This can be either dirt, dead leaves, or dead insects and you will need to get rid of them before you begin using water. Since some spaces in the windows might be too small to access with a wiping cloth, the best way to clean them is to use a vacuum. Make sure the windows are fully open to give you access to all spaces.
cleaning upvc window frames
Although uPVC is resistant to many things including harsh weather, they are extremely sensitive to scratches. As you are vacuum cleaning the replacement windows, ensure that the nozzle is directed at the spaces with dust without actually letting the nozzle come into contact with the window panes.

Use Soap and Water When Cleaning Window Frames

Vacuuming alone is not is not enough. This is because the process leaves the windows with static charges that might attract more dust. The best way to get rid of the charges is to wash uPVC windows with soap and water. Liquid soap meant for windows is the best. Avoid powdered soap at all coast because they tend to leave grains of the powder on the panes.
As you clean, it is advisable to use a smooth sponge that will scratch the windows. As explained earlier, uPVC is very sensitive to scratches. To ensure that the windows always look new, always use a soft sponge.


uPVC does not go well with bleach. Furthermore, you should not use any form of strong detergent. The windows simply need a gentle cleaning soap with no strong chemicals. You should particularly be careful when the windows are decorated because this makes them even more sensitive. If you look at these tips you will realize that uPVC have an additional advantage of being simple to clean. If you do this frequently, then you should have clear and sparkly clean windows adorning your home.