A-Rated Double Glazed Windows

A-Rated Double Glazed Windows increases your home insulation and impacts positively on heating bills. Living comfortably takes more than just being in a nice house fitted with air conditioning and adorned with furniture sitting on a smooth carpet.

a-rated double glazed windows
Anatomy of Double Glazed Units

The air inside needs to be cool and with less moisture. The sound needs to be hypnotizing with less or no disruption from outside. Most importantly, this should be achieved without you having to spend a lot. In summary, what you need are window frames and doors fitted with Double Glazed Units.

A-Rated Double Glazed Windows – What Are They

These are windows made of two glass panes fitted in one frame and with a space in between them. Generally, the space in between the pane is about twenty to forty millimetres. The space acts as an insulator, and prevents conduction. Better insulation is what you achieve.

How Double Glazed Windows Are Created

Having been created with a space in between the glass panes, air particles don’t collide and hence heat lacks a medium through which to travel. This inability of heat to freely move enables the house maintain a constant temperature. For accuracy, in some double glazed windows, instead of leaving the space between the panes void, it is filled with less denser gas than air mostly nitrogen or argon gas. The glass can be laminated with a clear substance in order to reduce the penetration of Ultra-Violet (UV) radiation.

Benefits of A-Rated Double Windows

There are several advantages of using A-Rated Double Glazed windows, below are just a few key benefits:

  • Retention of heat through prevention of heat loss.  When designing double glazed windows, this was the first purpose they intended the window to serve. It has been proven that double glazed window reduce the loss of heat by more than 50%. Economically, this leads to cut cost needed to maintain the desired temperature in the building.
    It works in both ways meaning that during winter, the temperature inside your house remains warm and in summer, heat from the scotching sun is prevented from penetrating into the inside.
  • Conserves environment – Double glazed pvc windows do not emit any gases to the atmosphere unlike other conditioning equipments. Human beings being cautious creatures, the role of conserving our environment falls on everyone on the planet.
    Using double glazed windows therefore becomes the best option in this venture of conserving the environment. In addition, the fuel/energy that would have been used in the process of retaining heat can be used in other productive sectors which are imperative for human growth.
  • Prevents disruptions caused by noise – The void inside the two panels in addition to preventing heat from moving also prevents sound energy from travelling. This gives one peace of mind as the noise inside the room will only be the one produced within and not without. Living in a serene environment boosts productivity and reduces the effects brought about by noise such as stress and migraines.

Energy rating of A-Rated Double Glazed Windows

To ensure the consumer gets what is standard and beneficial, various federations (such as the Glass and Glazing Federation) govern how double glazed windows are supposed to be created. Double glazing also follows the similar rainbow label used in other white goods. Reading the rainbow helps the consumer understand the level of thermal performance of their product.

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