Double Glazed Units

Double Glazed Units in new windows. Are you aware that up to 26% of the heat escaping from your home is lost through your windows. Glass allows more heat to escape than any other building material. Because the frame of any window only accounts for the entire opening, 90% is glass. It is imperative the glazed area is as effective as possible. Energy is extremely expensive, especially in Ireland, so we do all we can to reduce this cost.

benefits of triple glazing and double glaze units

Double Glazed Units

There are many types of glazed units, but the best ones are filled with argon gas. If double glazed units are manufactured according to the standards, they will be almost as effective as triple glazed units. The most popular space between units is 24mm, this will give you a standard size of 28 mm overall. If you have an issue with noise then we suggest triple glazing.

So when installing replacement windows get the proper advice, contact Weatherglaze and we will advise you on current regulations and best practices.

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